Food Truck Friday

Aussie Pie Guy...pieIn honour of today being the official first day of summer, the office I work in has begun their season of food trucking. Every year, when the rain begins to dissipate and the sun begins to peak her head through the ever gray sky, my coworkers and I make the walk to one of the many food trucks occupying the streets of Vancouver.

Today, we visited Aussie Pie Guy, located at Hamilton and Georgia (downtown Vancouver for you out of towners). It is a 15 minute hoof from my office to their location, but now that I’ve tasted their Aussie Pie (beef, onions, gravy and flaky crust), it was worth every step. After the 15 minute walk back, the pie was still hot and the crust still flaky, so if you’re worried about your lunch commute, don’t be.

Upon bellying up to the side of the truck to order, I was greeted by two very friendly Australian women. I warned them that my order consisted of 11 pies. They laughed and asked who was going to carry them, while the couple behind me groaned and asked if there would be any pies left. The two women assured them there would be plenty. While waiting for my eleven pies I was offered a “tin cup”, which ended up being a chocolate cookie with a crunchy chocolate center – I could have eaten the entire box after I took the first bite. She told me they are supposed to be getting more in, and in different flavours, so don’t forget to try a “tin cup” when you go!! They are a native dessert to Australia.

One of the other fantastic things about Aussie Pie Guy is the variety of pies they offer, from breakfast (eggs/potatoes/cheese) to beef and gravy to pork and apricot hoisin to vegetarian to vegan/gluten free to the all time favorite tradition – the Sweetie Pie (apple).

Food Truck Friday takes place every Friday, so please join me back here for the next review!

You can see the location of Aussie Pie Guy’s food truck and read the menu @ or

Aussie Pie Guy Food Truck



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