Food Truck Friday, June 28th


Hi again!

I am in need of doing a game of catch up since I have not written anything for many Fridays. Sorry to those who are keeping tabs on this blog!

For this Friday, my coworkers and I visited a more nearby food truck than Aussie Pie Guy, which if you read my previous blog, was a 30 minute walk there and back that didn’t include wait time for food. This time we travelled 5 minutes each way and the food is simply delicious!

The food truck this week was Catch of the Day. Their menu consists of the more traditional seafood dishes you find at food trucks around Vancouver, but don’t let that deter you and send you heading for Tacofino or Feastro the Rolling Bistro.

Catch of the Day’s menu offers Fish and Chips (your choice of salmon, halibut or cod – with a price difference of course), Fish Tacos (really good, but not as good as Tacofino’s fish tacos 😉 though less pricey), a homemade manhattan chowder (red, not white – and seasoned to perfection), and finally, where they stand out the most from other food trucks…. their Sliders!

I have only one thing to say, get them! Now quickly before your mind and your feet go racing for mini cheeseburgers, they’re not those kind of sliders!
These sliders contain corn battered oysters with a jalapeno creme and a thick peice of Canadian bacon, a leaf of butter lettuce and a toothpick to hold it all together. If you like your oysters, or if you’re interested in broadening your palette, go no further!! They are amazing! You’ll receive a pickle on the side and you might as well splurge and get their french fries too.

That’s a good start to the weekend, and a finish to the grueling work week! 🙂 Enjoy!!



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