West Coast Specialty – Fish Tacos

For dinner tonight, a west coast favourite –  fish tacos – homemade and delicious! 

We used Cod for the fish – pan seared with avocado oil. Finished with a little sea salt and some lemon zest.

Brand new to this in-house tradition is the fresh slaw accompaniment – a cabbage, Italian parsley, red onion, fresh jalapeños, shaved carrot concoction to accompany the flaky fish. Add a touch of sea salt, pepper and any other flavours you’d like. We ended up using some apple cider vinegar which brought the tanginess up, so Connor (bf) counterbalanced with a dollop of agave. Brilliant 🙂

Another favourite is the sauce – super simple:

A little mayo and hot sauce (your choice!). Tonight I used Cholula but in the past Sriracha has worked wonderfully. This adds flavour and a bit of heat. 

Corn tortillas are a go to for us. They’re healthier and so much tastier than wheat based wraps. Just check that they’re GMO free and preferably organic. 

Put all together, take a look! Guaranteed delicious!



2 thoughts on “West Coast Specialty – Fish Tacos

  1. Love the fish tacos!!! The avocado oil for the fish is inspired. Do you cook or eat raw the non GMO corn tortillas before loading them up with the other goodies?

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    1. I pan fry the corn tortillas in coconut or avocado oil until they have some colour but still flexible. You can do this in the oven too, but they often get to hard and fall apart when eating. 🙂


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