Date Night – Pizza, red wine, and a good flick

My boyfriend and I have started a nice little trend of the occasional stay-in date night, also considered our lazy, don’t want to make dinner night. We order pizza from Doc’s Pizza on Lonsdale and 1st (Italian sausage and spicy pepperoni), open a nice bottle of red (bold and full bodied) – because the pizza is spicy I lean towards a Cab Sauvignon or Malbec, and less towards a Shiraz, and we put on a movie. Sometimes we switch it up and pick a new flick each time or a tv show that we’re in to, but the best pizza date nights are when we stick to our go-to movie – Bottleshock. Haven’t seen it? It’s one to be enjoyed and kept for repeats. Don’t let yourself overthink the role of Chris Pine (he is NOT Captain Kirk yet). It’s funny, witty, with just the right amount of drama and has a great cast.

Check out Doc’s Pizza for your next lazy, stay in date night!


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