The world is your OYSTER

Well at least my world, which exists in Vancouver, BC is my oyster and with it comes dozens of oyster bars or seafood houses that offer oysters on their menu. I’m not talking about oysters that have been steamed, baked, or broiled with cheese, or some other concoction (not that Oysters Rockefeller isn’t delicious), but the raw goodness of an oyster just opened and served on ice is my G-spot. A squirt of fresh lemon, perhaps a little vinegar with shallots and fresh horseradish flakes, or just naked and briny.


The West Coast is an oyster house of variety – from small to large, thin to plump, briny to sweet – and I want to get my hands on all of them. If you live on the East Coast, and are new to the raw seafood thing, be aware that you can enjoy the same luxury, as the Atlantic provides some of the most flavorful and plump oysters I’ve ever had. So get out there and find yourself an oyster bar!

For my Vancouverites, some not-to-be-regretted go to oyster bars in our great city:

Rodney’s Oyster Bar (downtown – Yaletown & Gastown) ($$)
Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House (downtown – Thurlow St) ($$$)
Coast (downtown – Alberni St) ($$$)
Fishworks (North Vancouver – Lower Lonsdale) ($$)
Merchants Oyster Bar (East Vancouver – Commercial Drive) ($$)

I recommend going to the top three oyster houses for happy hour (check out their hours but normally 3pm-5pm). Buck-a-Shuck is a common happy hour option with oysters, so go enjoy some of the best oysters on the half shell, and pay half what you would during the dinner and lunch rush.

While you’re wetting your appetite, keep your eyes open for pearls!

Bon Appetit!


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