Best Udon in Vancouver!


In Vancouver, Asian culture plays a large role in the cuisine – udon soup being a popular Japanese dish. Udon is comprised of thick long noodles, and accompanied by meat and/or vegetables; throw in some spice, and you have some version of the traditional dish.

Hands down (unless someone else can tell me differently), the best udon in Vancouver is served in the financial district near Coal Harbour (of all places). You’d immediately think it more likely that it be found in places that are more abundant in Japanese restaurants and culture (Burnaby, Richmond..), but no it is at 1055 Dunsmuir Street in the Bentall Centre Mall in a tiny “fast food” Japanese sushi place called Hiro.

If you work in the area, or are just passing through and you’re hungry for soup filled with veggies, and meat (preferably beef for flavour), I very much recommend you visiting Hiro. Make it spicy for more flavour and kick!



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