Joeys (no kangaroo’s were harmed in the making of this meal)

In Vancouver, there’s a restaurant chain called Joeys. With a decent wine selection, enough draught beers to keep you happy, an array of food designed to stay close to comfort, but give you a glimpse of the beyond, and a price point to make it a “take clients to lunch”, or “special occasion” place (with salads being $17), or simply a “fuck it” day where you don’t care what you spend because it is close to where you work and its yummy. All the waitresses have long legs (and heels), and have been carefully selected to be as close to a “10” on the looks scale as possible. At one point the only way you could differentiate between Joeys and Cactus Club (another restaurant chain with an almost identical style of food), is that Joeys only hired brunette models, and Cactus only hired blonde models. Now I think just being good looking will get you a job at both.

When my girlfriend and I go there for lunch every blue moon I often will opt for the $17 Ahi tuna salad, but this time it was the Ahi tuna burger and fries that called out to me…and it rocked my world. I think a lot of it goes to the relish they make in-house that compliments the fish so well, or the deep-fried onion rings, but whatever it was I was a very happy, very full person walking out of there.



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