Rice is a finicky mistress

It turns out that if you’re working out…while watching tv, you probably shouldn’t attempt to make rice at the same time.

I admit, I am GREAT at making rice. I used to absolutely suck at it. The 2:1 ratio constantly got me rattled and confused, and before I knew it I was making rice like I do pasta and draining it after, which I admit actually works, but in the end I had to learn how to make it the proper way. And when I say I’m GREAT at making rice, I mean I know how to read the instructions on the bag that it comes in (and when I say read it, I mean go step by step and read each step twice). Let me stress again, that with so much effort needed from myself in making rice correctly, the worst idea is to try and accomplish this while doing two other things simultaneously.

After forgetting about the boiling pot of water on the stove (shit!), I simply added half a cup…another half a cup (that looks right), and then added two cups of rice (oh shit! it was supposed to be only one cup! shit shit shit!)…add more water to balance way too much rice, then turn to simmer and put the timer on for 55 minutes…and pray.
Okay Grey’s Anatomy I can now give you my full attention for 55 minutes, and work my glutes at the same time.

55 minutes later…SHIT. I used tap water and not chicken broth, so it has zero flavor! Add a chunk of butter, stir. It’s sticky, clumpy and over done, but still has a little water in it. My mantra has become “its fine, it’ll be fine”, as I stir in the butter over low heat.

25 minutes later my boyfriend is working away at the Snapper he brought home for dinner, and has decided he’d like to make a homemade salsa to accompany my over done rice and his yummy fresh fish (I could get used to this!). He tosses the snapper back and forth in his hands to loosen the extra flour he’s so lightly covered it in (so not to stick to the pan), and throws them sizzling into the pan of butter and olive oil. mmm.

He works away at the salsa – fresh tomatoes diced, onion, jalapeno, and cilantro with a bit of lime.

Another 10 minutes and we’re sitting down at the table ready to feast!

I forgot to actually put any damn seasoning on the rice! So it is extremely bland and very sticky. Another thing, if you have over cooked your rice and do NOT want it to continue cooking or stick in large clumps, lay it out on a pan to cool, and then heat it up in the oven when it is time to eat.

If any of you have made salsa before, often enough it should sit so that all the flavors meld together and the jalapeno has time to work on heating things up. So our 10 minutes was not enough, thus the salsa did not have the kick or flavor it was destined for.

The fish was beautiful and crispy and flaky and tasted amazing! Thank God. It saved the meal, as did Connor (bf) making us delicious, ice cold gin and tonics with lots of lime…I had two. 😉

Lesson learned! Don’t forget to season your food, and for god’s sake do not attempt to make rice while watching Grey’s Anatomy and doing squats.



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