Meat & Bread Monday 

As far as Monday’s go, today sucked in a big way. I woke up tired – never a good sign, but managed to get myself put together and out the door by a reasonable time.

Then once at work, proceeded to kick a printer that refused to print the documents I needed for my boss, so after a half an hour it went from an annoyance to full on war and I put a heel in its side. Take that printer! It didn’t care. In fact it continued not caring or working for the rest of the day.

Following my temper tantrum with the printer, it was the issue of having to deal with everyone being a moron. Have you had those days? Where you are the only smart person in a sea of morons? Yeah that was me today.

My afternoon is getting crammed with anything and everything and I haven’t had a minute to check my phone for no reason other than to escape from what I’ve been doing all day. Then, at the request of my boss, me and two other office peasants (which is often what my co-workers and I “jokingly” refer to ourselves) have to go downstairs to the “dungeon” which is our dark and very full storage and retrieve certain documents that may or may not be there.

Once down there, the hallway door that is NEVER locked, and which we need to access in order to get to our actual storage unit, is locked. WTF. Trying my key leaves me only more angry because low and behold it doesn’t work. So some numb nut locked a door that in the four years I’ve worked here has never once been locked and it just so happens that the lock does not match my key. Awesome.

A quick and angry stomping walk to security which is up one floor and I am handed a very young, very new security guard who somehow will save the day and let me into my storage room. I’m sure you can guess what happens…nope Dudley Do-Right does not accomplish this feat. By now I’m almost at wits end at how a security guard with a ring of keys 20-thick cannot manage to open a main door to storage. After a quick chat on his walkie, he is told to use his other key chain (he has another key chain?!?) and is able after the second try to open the door. He looks at his shoes and walks away. I think I may have been giving him the feeling I was a bit angry….

And after all this, what made the day a little more bearable was two words: Meat and Bread.

While standing in front of the salad bar, deciding whether I really wanted salad (which I didn’t), a co-worker poked me in the ribs and said hey Ash let’s go – Meat & Bread. Well that was it. I was pulled from my salad dilemma and into the world of carbs and meat.

I got the special – pulled lamb with mint yoghurt and cucumber and cabbage and olives between two slices of perfectly oven toasted white baguette. I ate it so quickly I completely forgot to take a picture (sorry folks!).

Now home to work off that tasty lunch and maybe enjoy a dark and stormy before we start dinner, which I think will be salmon.

Check out Meat & Bread!



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