Lemon & Lime Drizzle Cake!

Jane’s Patisserie is one of my favourite blogs, and as I am not usually a baker, it just makes me drool every time she posts something. Check out this recipe from her blog – it is simple yet delicious! #janespatisserie

Jane's Patisserie

A Classic Bake that everyone at home will love – A Citrus Drizzle Cake.


I decided today, that we would go back to basics. I LOVE Classic Cakes, something about their simplicity yet how amazing they taste really gets me hyped up to eat the whole cake myself. You can play around with the flavours you use, but Lemon & Lime is my favourite combination!

Nearly two months ago I posted my recipe for my Lemon Celebration Cake which is basically a Lemon Drizzle Cake/Victoria Sponge Hybrid and it went down an absolute storm with people now baking it regularly for their families and friends – YAY! However, I wanted to put my original Citrus Drizzle Cake up so that if thats all you guys want, you don’t have to work out from my other recipe what to do!


I have always loved cakes like these, they make the perfect Sunday…

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