Chewies – Steamed Stewed or Nude

If you live in Vancouver and have not yet discovered Chewies, your local Southern cuisine hub, then you need to go…NOW. Your stomach deserves some serious comfort food, especially now with the crisp air of Fall all around us.

I’m originally from South Carolina, so their menu speaks to me like none other. Oysters, deep-fried chicken, hush puppies, shrimp and grits, corn bread with a jalapeno butter spread, and the list goes on. I just ate lunch there and my mouth is still watering simply from the above description.

Today’s lunch led me to their Blue Plate Special, which was a creamy macaroni and cheese (hint of blue cheese), with melt-in–your-mouth pulled beef short rib on top, and a handful of sweet pea shoots sprinkled over everything for that bright splash of green, and a good way to cut the sweetness of the beef short rib marinade.

Their blue plate special changes every day so you may never see this again, so check it out!


My co-worker, who joined me for this scrumptious lunch, had the vegetarian jambalaya, which also looked amazing, and our very handsome server had no problem telling us how delicious it is. You can add chicken, prawns and scallops to the vegetarian jambalaya or you can go straight for the meat version which has chicken and chorizo sausage in it.


Another benefit to going to Chewies…the staff are all men, and even there you won’t leave disappointed. 😉 Good food, good service, what else can you ask for??

I hope you check out Chewies, and if you do, please let me know how you find it!

Bon Appetit!


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