Sausage, my favorite cylindrical-shaped food

On the way to the Canucks pre-season game last night, a friend and I stopped in at the Donnelly Group Library Square pub/restaurant/night club and had a quick meal and beverage.

Can I just say quickly…I know it is Monday football night, but for fuck’s sake does it have to be that LOUD? Do we not get along just fine at a normal volume? With 17 tv’s and speakers in every nook and cranny, do we need to hear the sweat running down the ass cracks of the players themselves? Aside from barely being able to hear myself think, or try to carry on a conversation with my friend, the service was slow and the food mediocre. Thank goodness the company was good and the beer was cold.

I ordered the BLTA (bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado), added swiss cheese and paid the extra buck fifty for rosemary and garlic fries.  My very English friend, who moments earlier when we were on the street passing a hot dog truck was practically salivating at the idea of a hot dog, ordered…you guessed it – sausage.

Library Square actually has an entire area of their menu dedicated to sausage. The chef must be either English or a man, or both. 😉 And yes, I’m sticking with the stereotypes, inside this little box I live in.

My sandwich had a rosemary aioli on it, which it did not list on the menu, so with my rosemary fries, and rosemary aioli sandwich, it was major overkill. The bread was a very bland sourdough that seemed only to be toasted on the crust. The bacon was very tough to chew and the whole thing ended up being quite messy. Fries were your usual and nothing special.

Don’t be fooled by the pretty pictures:


My friend, who had been sausage spoiled by her culture, as she hails from England itself, simply shrugged at her food, but did not finish it. She got chorizo and one other that I’m forgetting, with sauteed onions, dijon and grainy mustards as condiments.

Again, pretty pictures be damned:


I have been both happily surprised, and sadly disappointed by Donnelly Group restaurants. Blackbird still impresses, but I used to be a consistent client of Butcher & Bullock and then they changed the menu and things went downhill very quickly. Burgers are safe at Lamplighter, and so far Library Square has left little to be enjoyed. Hopefully things improve, I still believe in you DG!

To finish up – the Canucks beat the Arizona Coyotes 1-0 and the beer was good and cold and the seats were amazing (thank you Kent!! and thank you Em for being my date!!) 🙂

Bon Appetit!


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