Rainy Vancouver day? Gotta go PHO!

Pho is a staple for anyone living in Vancouver – no matter what you say or how adventurous you are when it comes to the sampling of new and foreign cuisines!

Today, we took a co-worker out to lunch for his birthday. He wanted pho so we headed to Kim House Japanese Bistro on Seymour/Dunsmuir.

It was my first time here – I stick closer to work normally and am a frequent visitor to Joyeaux Cafe & Restaurant on Howe Street. Kim House was really good, and I’ll definitely be going there again!

I had the beef noodle soup (#6), minus the tripe (eek!) and the broth was so tasty and the beef very flavourful and very juicy. The bowl was big enough that I didn’t manage to finish it but came close! Lunch cost me a whopping $11.00 (including tip), so if you’re looking for great Pho for a great price, check this place out!


(update 10.9.2015)

I wanted to add that I’ve now gone to V-Nam Pho on St Georges & 3rd Street, and it was also quite delicious! Cost and service are very similar to Kim House downtown, so if you’re in the North Vancouver neighborhood, make sure you stop by! Also, a great second-hand book store and record player store share the same block, so get your browsing in. 🙂










Bon Appetit!


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