Chicken Fajitas that keep you going back for more!

I have to hand it to myself, I’m OK at chicken fajitas. Last night, I proved my fajita abilities, and let’s just say that
the bf had a grin from ear to ear the whole evening and went back for seconds and then thirds. Ah yes, satisfaction.

I use chicken breast, cut into cubes and seasoned with chili powder, s&p, and garlic powder. Chop up onions and mushrooms and toss into hot pan with olive oil and butter until sauteed to perfection, then add chicken in last until juicy and cooked through. You can add rice in to heat (I often have rice leftover in the fridge).

On another pan, olive oil (just a dollop!), heat on med-high, throw in my corn tortilla (will need to be flipped a couple times for even oil and colouring).

Condiments are spicy mayo (siracha + mayo), black bean paste. I always put sliced avocado and diced spinach or kale for green.

And serve. 🙂


You’ll have your guy eating out of the palm of your hand and it’s so simple!!

Bon Appetit!


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