Italian Kitchen

My friend and I have a monthly lunch at Italian Kitchen on Alberni Street, downtown Vancouver. My biggest problem with this is that it doesn’t happen enough and when it does it is a festival of carbs and deliciousness.

For a year I always had the exact same pasta dish – fusili pasta with a cream sauce, mushrooms, chicken and pancetta. Blew my mind and my taste buds every time! Then one get together the menu has changed and the fusili is one of the five items they have removed from the once amazing line up.

This past time was our third time since the menu change, and I have now tried three different dishes that have satisfied but not delighted my senses. The latest pasta dish may now have to be my favorite, but unfortunately destroyed my stomach. 😦 Is that weird to say? Honesty is best! haha

But if you are in the neighborhood and looking for something that is pretty much an explosion of flavor in your mouth, try the Duck Confit Gnocchi on their menu. Very delicious, but very rich, so take it slow and drink lots of ros’e. 🙂


My friend got a penne dish with a marinara sauce and rich, creamy cheese (which I cannot remember the name of).


So check out Italian Kitchen and let me know what you think! It is one of several sister restaurants in the downtown area owned by Glowbal Group.

Bon Appetit!

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