Home Cooked Meal by Mum

Sunday night of this past week, my bf and I joined his parents and brother at their house for a family dinner. Doesn’t happen that often, but it is always a nice thing to go to your “parents” house and have a dinner made for you. Makes me feel like a kid, and since my mom lives all the way in Florida, it is something I very much look forward to.

Since I’ve been dating my bf for almost 7 years, his family has become mine in many ways.

Upon entering the kitchen, she had 6 giant steaks out and ready for grilling on the bbq, a huge container of green beans with garlic and ginger sliced and thrown in to be sauteed, twice baked potatoes with all the fixings, a couple pounds of button mushrooms, and a big beautiful blueberry pie already in the oven. I asked her what had gotten into her, but was so happily overwhelmed that I quickly set to helping her in the kitchen with the mushrooms and beans while drinking a glass of Apothic red.


Dinner was absolutely delicious and I don’t think my photos have done it justice, plus I was so excited for the pie that when I was handed my piece I completely forgot to take a picture and gobbled it down along with my coffee. Sorry folks!

Here are pics of the rest of dinner…



My BF’s presentation on the plate, which looked great, but made it a little difficult to eat my potato the way I wanted to (slathered in butter, sour cream and chives). haha

Made for a nice picture though! See button mushrooms above right and green beans above left.

The finale was the pie and it was beautiful with its homemade crust (her little secret recipe), and yummy blueberries.

No vanilla ice cream (which I would normally say is sacrilege), but would actually have ended up taking away from how yummy it was on its own.


Bon Appetit!

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