Vino, hops & a hangover

Hello there!

Unless you are a recovering alcoholic, or do not have the palette/stomach/head for alcoholic beverages, this page is for you to enjoy; to taste and indulge in different types of wine, beer and spirits that you may have otherwise not known about or even thought to have tried.

I have a great fondness for wine, beer, and chosen spirit, and I love pairing them with food, so here goes nothing…


Petite Petit is a syrah perdot blend from the Michael David winery, and it is my new favourite red.
It is bold and full and smooth and everything I look for in a red wine.
You have to check it out! It will run you around $18.


Omission is a craft brewery out of Oregon that specializes in making extremely tasty beer without gluten.
So my gluten free friends, this one’s for you. And for my gluten thirsty friends, believe it or not this beer is delicious.



Treana, Marsanne/Viognier, Central Coast 2011

One of the nicest white wines I’ve had the pleasure of tasting. I had this at dinner at Araxi in Whistler, BC and it
cost me a whopping $21.25/glass. This bottle (in a very surprising twist) only costs ~$30 depending on where you are
purchasing. Pairs nicely with pasta, beef tartar, rabbit; or by all means drink it on its own. 😉


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